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“Theria, the blessed jewel of the West, favored of the gods, source of all life and sorcery.
Garborim the Greater, Dendruman Scholar and author of The Therian Histories"

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Secret of the Vortex – Active Quest
What Ails the Queen
The Age of Algol
No Country For Half Men
A Body For Rein

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Ander Thorngage
Brother Ivan
Gygax the Tiefling
Khemed Rein
Soveliss Liadon

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General assumptions about the world of Theria:

  • Gods Oversee the World. The gods are real and embody a variety of beliefs, exerting influence over the world by granting divine magic and signs to guide their followers. While some folk might refuse to honor the gods as deities, none can deny their existence.
  • Much of the World Is Known, But Still Untamed. Much of the world has been charted and mapped—at least on the Therian continent. Great empires and kingdoms cover large stretches of the continent with clearly defined borders, but there still exists plenty of wild regions—deep forests, dangerous mountains, scorching deserts, forbidding tundras, and lush jungles where adventure and mysteries await.
  • The World Is Ancient. Empires have risen and fallen, leaving few places that have not been touched by imperial grandeur or decay. Ancient civilizations and their knowledge survive in legends, magic artifacts, and ruins. Chaos and evil often follow an empire’s collapse…
  • Heroes Are Common Heroic adventurers have been championing for the good of the realm for centuries. Often, they become embroiled in political struggles and conflicts on the Prime Material Plane and those that intersect it. Many heroes follow from the blood of their ancestors, while new adventurers set out every day in search of glory and gold.
  • Conflict Shapes the World’s History. Powerful individuals strive to make their mark on the world, and factions of like-minded individuals can alter the course of history. Factions include religions led by charismatic prophets, kingdoms ruled by lasting dynasties, and shadowy societies that seek to master long-lost magic. Their goals range from accumulation of material wealth to the resurrection of dead gods.
  • Magic Is Everywhere, But Feared by Many. Practitioners of magic are relatively few in number, but they leave evidence of their craft everywhere. The magic can be as innocuous and commonplace as a potion that heals wounds to something much more rare and impressive, such as a levitating tower or a stone golem guarding the gates of a city. Some kingdoms, such as Zanesh Ahal revere magic as the ultimate authority and sign of power, celebrating its potential above all else. Other places, such as Ravensfjord, have strict codes and laws regarding what kind of magic can be practiced and by whom. Still, Dendrum simply asks that a mage be registered or licensed to practice spellcraft with the state through the League of Sorcerers, a wizard college, religious temple, or other faction.

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