The Opal Mirror

Act I, Session V
Fast Paced Strife on the Sands of Gorampa

The party was guided through the city on the side of the mountain by their Thri Keen guide and some guards. It quickly became evident that the city was inhabited by other Thri Keen. The party was taken to a large queen, and there was some unease about what was going to be done with them. Gygax was able to use a spell to comprehend their language, gathering that the queen was in trouble, and that a mythical mirror located in the western reaches of the desert might be of help. Gygax offered the party’s assistance via a series of elaborate gesticulations and drawings on a map. The queen and the rest of the Thri Keen accepted this offer, but were skeptical that the party would actually survive the journey. Nevertheless, they offered the party board and a feast of local food for the night.

In the morning, Brother’s Ivan’s dear camel Spitter was nowhere to be found, but the party moved onward. They rode out into the desert on what seemed to be a magic carpet dipping into the sands (the party would soon figure out that this carpet was on the top of a giant subterranean worm). They were guided once more by their Thri Keen guide from the previous day, whose name was Karakkan. Karakkan piloted the worm through drumming, and they were soon speeding through the desert. Before long, the party was attacked by scimitar-wielders that rode fast sled-ships. The party was able to fend off the attack, but found a storm of sand and lightning bearing down on them afterwards. The party braced themselves with ropes tied to harpoons that had pierced into the worm. Yet the storm was strong, sweeping Brother Ivan away. The storm frightened all, even the worm, which began to descend beneath the sands. Ander and Karakkan were able to cut themselves free from the worm, but Soveliss, Gygax, and Rein were pulled beneath the surface.

Ander and Karakkan moved quickly, pulling everyone out of the sand. The rest of the party awoke to find themselves in a strange oasis. There was a pond on which figures walked but would disappear from as soon as they left its edge, and further away from them stood a pyramid. The storms encircled the oasis, and it seemed that the party had entered another plane of existence. While most of the party tended to their wounds and rested, Rein sought audience with the spirits of the realm. He encountered an ominous spirit who said that the party had entered a place called Dir, and that he was also called Dir. “We sleep in stone,” Dir said.

The party rested and recuperated before setting off for the pyramid, sensing that they were walking towards a great danger.

Act I, Session IV

- After resting in Watermaar and gathering supplies and transportation, Ivan finds a way out towards Droth in which the party can go unnoticed
- The adventurers walk into a giant centipedes’ nest after a week of traveling, and Rein casts a spell on the king centipede to allow the group to safely pass through
- Farther on, Ivan casts Pass Without Trance which allows them to avoid two giant scorpions
- On a pathway through the mountains, a giant hyena and two lizards attack but they fail horribly. The horses and camels become scared and begin to run back down the path, but by a combined effort from the adventurers, mainly from Rein and Brother Ivan, they are salvaged
- Continuing on through the mountain pass, a wave of dog-sized beetles with burning ooze swarm on the group. The giant mother beetle is killed by Ander, but the baby beetles still close in. Around a bend, an insectoid is fighting beatles as well; he then beckons the group to follow him through a passage, and he seals the way behind him
- The passage turns into sandstone stairs leading to what seems to be a city.

Act I, Session III
Water and Hellfire
  • The party arrives at Watermar.
  • Dunbro leaves to go to the Boar’s Head Inn.
  • Ander hides under Brother Ivan’s cloak and Rein shapeshifts to a cat.
  • Ivan looks at the notice board, seeing a wanted poster for Ander, offering 20k gold for him; DoA. Ivan sneakily rips it down.
  • The gate is being held up by a refugee family of halflings who cannot afford to pay.
  • Ivan walks up and attempts to charm both guards.
  • He succeeds in one, fails the other.
  • The guards begin to fight.
  • Everyone runs through, Gygax alerts other guards, the gate is closed.
  • Ivan offers one gold piece for directions to the Inn.
  • A street urchin tells them to follow. They do.
  • The area starts becoming rougher.
  • A human approaches them and draws his sword.
  • Gygax intimidates him and he gives up, telling them directions to the Inn.
  • Donbro is playing cards. Donbro sees Ivan and pulls him back to the corner.
  • Donbro is angry about Ander’s criminal actions. Ivan pulls back Donbro as he is about to call attention to it.
  • Ander slinks upstairs unseen. Ivan dims the lights. Ivan puts Donbro into a sleeper hold.
  • Soveliss goes to a table of Orcs for information. He convinces them he is a friend of theirs and is recognized, getting secret information from the red female orc.
  • Donbro passes out, Ivan drags him to his Suite, Rein and Ander follow. Rein charms a dwarf that was looking for Donbro and makes him follow him to the street, then fainting.
  • Rein falls asleep in the hallway and turns back into a Wolf. A barmaid sees this, is charmed, and goes into the room with Gygax, Rein, and Ander.
  • The barkeep and Dunbro’s friends begin looking for the barmaid while Rein, Ander, and Ivan jump out of the window with a rope. Ander goes to the adjacent roof.
  • Donbro wakes up and is convinced to lie to the looking dwarves and say he is fine.
  • Shadowy figures begin approaching the group outside. A half-elf yells to them to follow her, the shadowy figures have been tracking them.
  • A fight ensues with a teafling that was talking to Gygax at the bar. A dwarf and monk join in.
  • Most of the party is unconscious at some point during the battle.
  • The half-elf turns out to be a traitor and the party barely pulls through.
  • The bodies are searched and many mysterious symbols/jewelry/documents are found. Ivan goes to the market and gets supplies while Gygax goes to the Great Library for information.
Act I, Session II
Vessels & Vassals
  • Encountered and defeated three Satyrs at their clearing encampment, killing two and running off a third after being charmed by the melodies of the panpipes
  • Rein succumbed to the tar-like substance he touched in the sewer, becoming unconscious
  • Met Donbro the dwarven merchant, who paid the party for security on his way to Highmarch
  • At camp, a direwolf appears and leads the party to Levenhall
  • Vallion, Tormanath, and Audriel tell the party that Rein’s body must be destroyed,
    Garlung’s body will become Rein’s new vessel while he returns to the Spirit Realm, the party is being tracked by cloaked agents, and that the assassination at Andrum was a joint attack
  • Rein’s spirit is transferred to Garlung’s body
  • The party wakes considerably closer to the main road, with Donbro apparently unaware that anything has happened overnight

The adventurers wake up after having battled the blights fully rested and continue on the trail to Watermaar. After a few days of travel, the party encounters a mystical panflute melody echoing through the woods. After a failed diplomatic meeting with a group of satyrs, Brother Ivan falls asleep and Ander begins to wildly stab anyone within reach. After a long and near deadly battle, all but one of the satyrs are killed and leave behind a crudely drawn map of the forest for the adventures to use. During the battle, Rein fell ill, and was unable to stand on his own. Soveliss then carried him until the party made camp for the night, where they then fashioned a sled to pull Rein on instead of having to carry him.

A few more days of uneventful travel through the forest leads to an encounter with Donbro, a dwarven merchant who provided the party food, and eventually employment after a pair of Gnolls descended upon him and his horses. Through the use of firebolts, guiding and eldritch blasts, and sneaky cross bow shots, the gnolls fell, but not before badly injuring both of Donbro’s horses. Forced to give them both healing salves, Donbro begrudgingly allows the party to continue travelling with him, despite being put in to seemingly more danger.

That night while resting, Rein seems to be falling farther and farther into his illness, hardly able to breathe now. During that night’s watch, a huge direwolf stalks out of the forest and examines Rein. After being briefly scared off by Gygax, the wolf returns and leads the adventurers – Donbro excluded, in to a mystical hidden Elf hall. There, the three leaders of the elven group divulge much about what has been going on recently, including the fact that they have been watching the party travel through the forest, along with the spies that Algol has sent after them. While they cannot save Rein’s body, the direwolf sacrifices itself to allow his spirit to control its body until a suitable replacement can be fashioned. The party wakes up the next day, inexplicably back at Donbro’s cart, with a wolf’s body in place of Rein’s. They prepare to continue on to Watermaar, no longer being slowed by their fallen companion.

Act I, Session I
Descent of Madness
  • Party meets in crowd at the Celebration of Heroes
  • Ander hands off a parcel to his contact, a half-elf female
  • Hooded woman assassinates King Anduin
  • Cloaked figures sacrifice Anduin’s body and red star grows in size
  • Giant monster falls from the sky
  • Nobles and heroes are slain
  • Party and crowd flees
  • City is under attack
  • Party fights way through city, met by Royal Guard
  • Guard captain takes party through sewers, accuses Ander of regicide conspiracy
  • Party flees from giant fly
  • Rein is touched by a tar zombie
  • Shinda kills the guard captain, takes party to the Tower of the Order
  • Party is initiated into the Order
  • Party goes to find a key to the ancient device

The party meets in a crowd at the Celebration of Heroes in Andrum, the capital of Dendrum, after following a bright red star. Standing next to one another, the party watches with the spectators of the gift-giving ceremony as a hooded woman opens an explosive parcel in front of the boy king, Anduin, killing him in a ball of fire. The crowd breaks into a frenzy, and more cloaked persons join the assassin on the platform, some killing nobles and heroes gathered at the plaza celebration. The cloaked figures create a summoning circle around the king’s body, and begin channeling a spell. Suddenly, the red star grows larger in the sky, bathing the city in red light and heat. A slimy, colossal monster with tall gazelle’s horns emerges from the star, crashing onto the Plaza. It is followed by glossy, jagged structures of an onyx black color, falling piece by piece onto the mountainside. Fly swarms, giant flies, and infernal creatures begin descending from the star. The party flees with the crowd.

The party turns to find smoke rising from the harbor, with many ships on fire. Black ships are moored in the harbor, and more are coming from the North. After fleeing down the steps, the party is waylaid by axe-wielding Yordmen. The party defeats the pillagers, and are met by a party of Royal Guardsmen. The guard captain accuses Ander of aiding in the king’s assassination, claiming that he was seen delivering a parcel to the assassin. The party reluctantly agrees to be escorted through a nearby sewer system out of the city so the guard can continue questioning the party about their involvement in the events of the
disaster. In the sewer, a giant fly breaks through the city street above the team and devours a few guards, spraying one with acid from its human face. While fleeing past it, a corpse covered in a tar-like substance grabs Rein, but he makes it out with the group. A female elf, Shinda, in the Royal Guard kills the captain, telling the party to escape with her to her hidden keep, the base of the Order of Drath. The party follows her, escaping through a grate via a small boat.

After a couple of weeks of travel, the party arrives at the tower, where they are introduced to the Order of Drath, which seeks to keep the destructive forces of the Drathian Horde at bay. The party agrees to be initiated into the Order, and undergo a ritual where they see some form of spiritual counterparts and the destruction of the tower. The party wakes up, and Shinda instructs the party to complete their first trial: help the Order banish Algol and his minions by collecting keys to an ancient device. The party decides to travel to Gorampa to seek the artifact hidden in the desert.

The party departs and travels along the coast, hidden in the forest. After seeing some ships off the coast turn toward their direction, the party ventures further inland. The company walks through the forest, when it is attacked by living plants taking humanoid shape. Victorious, the party camps for the night.

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